Buying & Merchandising

As implied by its name, this department has two primary functions. Firstly, our buyers select and source merchandise for the increasing number of catalogues and leaflets we produce as well as our websites. They negotiate prices that allow us to make attractive offers to our customers.

Over recent years the increasing importance of the Internet has brought extra challenges. In addition, to ensure the products generate the maximum appeal to our customers, the Buyers work closely with our Publications department and confirm the overall 'look' of the products in our catalogues and web pages.

Secondly, Merchandising is responsible for forecasting both the volume and profile of sales and ensuring that stock is ordered and received in time to meet demand, whilst not requiring excessive amounts of storage by ordering too early.

During the last few years, EGL has greatly increased the number of different items sold, as well as moving into new areas such as clothing, furniture and domestic appliance / electrical ranges.

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